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About Us

MENA Biotech was established as a limited liability company in the Gulf region in 2020, culminating its shareholders’ two decades of expertise in the local and regional market and extensive experience in other fields like pharmaceutical research and distribution, healthcare products and medical equipment supplies.

The Company aims to tap into the medical supplies business, which is growing fast at the local, regional and global levels due to changing lifestyles and aging populations.

Our main focus is on importing, selling and distributing innovative medical and pharmaceutical products in Kuwait and the wider region, especially in new fields like bioequivalent medicines, regenerative medicine, probiotics and other bioactive compounds.


MENA Biotech works closely with renowned international medical and pharmaceutical suppliers to help provide innovative and quality products to the local markets and provide alternatives that can enhance healthcare and wellbeing for everyone.

At MENA Biotech we identify market trends and new business opportunities, making sure we fulfil our brand promise to provide distinctive value to our partners and customers. We are guided by our corporate philosophy and values to provide the best value for money and the highest standards of quality and professionalism.


Part of MENA Biotech’s business includes its sister company Yasmeen Pharmacy Group, which runs six prominent pharmacies in various parts of the state of Kuwait since 2008 and maintains excellent relations with both distributors and customers.

MENA Biotech also has a number of prominent distributors in the Middle East, including countries like the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Oman in addition to Kuwait.

From its head office in Kuwait, MENA Biotech employs 30 professionals in various fields, with a key focus on improving the customer experience for its partners, clients and other stakeholders.


MENA Biotech strives to identify and provide innovative medical supplies and other relevant healthcare services that help provide superb care for patients. This is achieved through partnership with leading innovators around the world.

Our partners provide an astonishing portfolio of pioneering, advanced pharmaceutical products, including bioequivalent medicines, dental implants, surgical instruments, regenerative medicine (BBL), dermatological products, medical devices, as well as cosmetic and beauty products.

Our list of unique partners includes:

Spain-based Ziacom Medical has been working for almost two decades to improve oral health and wellbeing of patients around the world by designing and manufacturing innovative high-quality dental implants, prosthetic components, surgical instruments and biomaterial solutions.

World’s first probiotics for diabetes prevention

Genbioma Applications specializes in research and development services to create new solutions in the field of probiotics and other bioactive compounds with demonstrated properties for human health. Its lead project is a dietary supplement designed by using specific strains selected for its potential ability for long-term glycaemic regulation that aims at offering a complementary strategy to people in early stages of diabetes.

Biointelligence Technology, the company was founded by surgeons and scientists in the field of regenerative medicine that offers the development and the production of innovative products through the use of advanced techniques of cell biology, molecular biology and medical biotechnology, thanks to long term research in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine. Its objective is to improve the lives of patients through natural, innovative and healthy products, with strong commitment to the development of exceptional products and innovative development processes.


Galenicum was founded in Barcelona in 2003 with the mission of improving the quality and affordability of pharmaceutical products. The company has grown to become a global ecosystem of several businesses within the pharmaceutical sector. It focuses on the development and supply of innovative products, including bioequivalent medicines and dermatological products.


Aragogamma was founded in 1970 with the aim of sterilizing the surgical sutures manufactured by the company itself. The experience acquired in these 50 years provided the comapny with a deep knowledge of technology and allows it to optimize the advice received by our clients.

The sterilization of medical products is a function of the ability of the radiation to inactivate and eliminate pathogenic or non-existent microorganisms in said product. This activity began in the 50s on single-use products such as hypodermic needles and surgical gloves; subsequently applied to the field of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products. 

Agents & Distributors

Through its strong relations with leading agents and distributors in the Middle East, MENA Biotech manages to deliver superb and innovative healthcare products across the region. Our agents and distributors include:


Royal Medical

Dasman Dental Clinic

Hassan’s Optics Co.

Yasmin Pharmacies Group

UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman:

Medway LLC


Medway for Medical Supplies

Vision, Mssion, & Values

Our Vision

To become a leading distributor of quality and innovative medical supplies in the MENA region, helping in providing critical healthcare solutions that improve patients’ quality of life.

Our Mission

To identify and provide innovative medical supplies and other relevant healthcare services that help customers provide superb care for their patients with efficiency and profitability.

Our Values

At Mena Biotech, We are committed to excellence in everything we do, from the products and services we provide, to the way we deliver our services to customers.

We are trusted by our customers and provide trusted products and services that make a valuable difference to the end users.
Our customers always come first, and we make sure we provide best customer experience.

Customers first
Our customers always come first, and we make sure we provide best customer experience.

We conduct business professionally and ethically, with the highest level of efficiency.

We are fast to respond to customer needs, market trends, and changing business environment.

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Mr. Fadi Odeh

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Odeh is a prominent entrepreneur and business leader in the State of Kuwait, with more than 25 years of executive management experience in key sectors such as real estate, hospitality, investment & financial services, healthcare, general trading, project management, facilities management and operations.

He acts as founder and CEO of a number of companies in the Middle East.

Dr. Bilal Shanteer

Regional Sales and Marketing Director

Dr. Shanteer is an experienced professional with a strong track record in the pharmaceutical industry in the MENA region. He is a dynamic pharmacist capable of handling day to day operations and managing pharmaceutical supplies to maintain streamlined inventory. He is target driven, well versed in sales and marketing to healthcare professionals and retail pharmacies. Dr. Shanteer always strives towards ambitious goals, with excellent customer management and organizational skills.

Mr. Abdulla Naneesh

Head of Communication

Mr. Naneesh is a seasoned communication professional, with more than 28 years of experience in public relations and strategic communication. He served with leading international PR companies and major financial institutions in the Middle East, helping a wide range of clients, including pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson and GSK, to achieve their communication and business objectives.

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